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You don’t have to take our word for it when we say that we offer three great credit cards to help you improve your credit rating. We have been offering our classic credit card for years and helping out our customers. Why not take a look at these reviews and see what some of those customers have to say about their card and how it has helped them out.

35.9% APR representative (variable) across our three products.

For my convenience

I like the convenience of a credit card - I don't like to carry too much cash around.
-Mr S Mirzaali, Leeds

Not being able to get out to the shops all the time, it’s easier, I can use my aqua card to buy online.
-Mrs C Murray, Cumbria

I was doing a lot of travel on the train and half the machines didn't take cash - they also don't take Solo, I don't have a debit card. aqua was a real lifesaver, saves me a headache.
-Mr L Charles, Surrey

To help build my credit rating

aqua was my first credit card, taken out to build my credit rating and as a result it's just got better and better over the years.
-Mr M Stevens, Kent

aqua is my first credit card - I am trying to build my credit rating.
-Mrs C Whittingham, Lancashire

To help me repair my credit rating

I had been out of work for a bit and my credit rating took a bit of a tumble. I got back into a well-paid job and paid everything off. I still could not get any credit cards to build up my credit rating. I wanted to build up my credit rating and aqua did offer it.
-Mr L Charles, Surrey

Happy with aqua's customer service

I am more than pleased with the service I have received, everyone is always friendly when I ring up - yes, I would recommend aqua to my friends.
-Mrs K Causton, Kent

I would recommend aqua to a friend, your service has been very good and the people I have been talking to have been friendly.
-Mr B Kershaw, Gwent

I am quite happy with the service - I am very grateful as obviously if I do go over my limit or if I'm a little bit late you'll always ring to remind me, which is great!
-Mrs R Wood, Kent

Very professional - from day one you were very good, I am more than happy with aqua. If there are any problems you always talk it through.
-Mrs D Hartley, Londonderry

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